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Presscenter Municipality Sliven - The Municipality of Sliven Received the 2007 "Golden Key" award of the "Access to Public Information" program

The Municipality of Sliven Received the 2007 "Golden Key" award of the "Access to Public Information" program

The Secretary in Chief of the municipality of Sliven Mrs. Petya Rumenova received the prize at a special award ceremony for "The Day of the Right to Know - 28th September". The ceremony was organized by the Program for Access to Information foundation for the fifth year in a row in Bulgaria.

Mrs. Rumenova introduced the award in front of journalists at a press-conference in Sliven, "Along with the golden key a golden padlock is bestowed, along with the honorary diploma the dishonourary certificate for denial of information is granted", said Rumenova.

The municipality of Sliven was awarded in the category Best Web-page of an Organization in Terms of the Statute for Access to Public Information.

"The municipality was able to overcome very serious institutions in this category and won with only one vote ahead of the runner-up - the web-page of the Chamber of Accounts. Last year the Sliven municipality lost the first place by only one vote to the Municipality of Dobrich and received only a diploma in the same category. I am delighted that the site of the Sliven municipality received its third award this year.

- The foundation for reform in local self-government nominated the internet page of the Sliven municipality as most competative Bulgarian site for participation in the tenth annual conference "Internet in public administration and local self-government" in Hradets Kralove, Chech Republic. Certificate and prize EuroCrest Aw@rd - "The best website 2007 - Sliven - Bulgaria".

- On the occasion of July 23rd - Day of the State Administration Personnel the municipality of Sliven received an award from minister Nikolay Vasilev for its contrubution in the modernization of state administration. The prize is a high recognition of the work of the municipality administration in the field of services - that have been granted to citizens and juridical persons - and easily accessible internet portal of the municipality, which gives access to universal information about the work of the municipal administration.

And now on September 28th - in the category: Best web-page of an instituion in Terms of the Statute for Access to Public Information - the Golden Key prize for 2007 is awarded to the municipality of Sliven.

The Sliven municipality has set the task to really be a modern, transparent and open to people and we see that this is noticed and recognized.

For more information you can visit the page: www.RightToKnowDay.net.

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