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The educational system that offers professional education and teaching on the territory of Sliven Municipality helps for:

Acquiring a secondary education and professional qualification second and/or third qualification rank:

  • 8 professional secondary schools on the basis of the 10th article of the Public Education law and the 19th article of the 3rd paragraph of the professional education and training law. These schools are financed by the Education and Science Ministry.
  • One public professional night school on the basis of the 10th article of the Public Education law and the 12th article, 3rd paragraph, 4th section of the Education Law Application Policy Code where prisoners are taught.

Acquiring a first-rate professional qualification without acquiring a secondary education:

  • "Bratia Miladinovi" primary school Sliven (a regional school). It is attended by children who have finished 6 form.
  • "Dr. Vlasaki Shumanov" subsidiary school Sliven( its one of the specialized national schools on the basis of 26th article, 11th section of the Public Education Law) there are five professionally oriented classes children attend after finishing 8 form.

Acquiring professional education and 4th qualification rank after finishing a secondary education 19th article, 6th paragraph of the Professional Training and Teaching Law:

  • 2 professional colleges Private management professional college and
  • Private trade professional college Sliven.

The past school year was successful for the professional secondary schools in reference to unemployed people qualification and pre-qualification projects, which were approved.

At "Maria Kjuri" electrical engineering and electronics professional secondary school Sliven are taught students who want to become "electrical installation electricians" its a new specialty, created as a part of the "Professional Training Improving" project approved by the PHARE programme.

There are successfully accomplished projects by the labour market initiative programme of Executive Agency PHARE at:

  • "Engineer N. Kanev" Chemical technologies and food professional secondary school Sliven. "More competitive on the labour market on the verge of joining the European Union" this project gives a professional training to milk-production companies.
  • "Professor Dr. D. Tabakov" Professional secondary school of economics Sliven. "Enterprising encouragement" its a project of the school board, a team of specialists and the Youth Tolerance Initiative foundation (YTI) supported by Jobs business club.
  • Management private professional college of Sliven. "Women will succeed" a module enterprising training for unemployed women and also for women who want to start their own business. The college offers an eleven month professional education course.
  • At "Engineer N. Kanev" Chemical technologies and food technology secondary school Sliven, "There are no language barriers for ecology" project was finished which included exchanging groups with the forest agricultural school in Etelbrug, Luxemburg. The groups were exchanged for practical training and the project was carried out by the Socrates programme.

"Architect G. Kozarov" Building and geodesy professional secondary school Sliven continues working on "Whole life teaching and professional training" project of Executive agency PHARE programme.

The management private professional college Sliven is a partner of "Open Society" foundation. They work together on "Contractors training according to the European business criteria" project of the "Youth employment encouragement", a programme of the Labour and Social Politics Ministry.

As a whole, the traditional professional training is very good. The school boards work very hard to provide the necessary equipment according to the contemporary requirements for the new professions and qualifications.

The qualifications and professions include all professional spheres which are on the "List of the professional education and training professions", approved by the Education and Science Ministry 2004.

The share of specialties in "Economy management and administration" and "Food and drinks production" professional directions is the greatest. Followed by "Electronics and automation", "Hotel-keeping, restaurant-keeping and catering", "Architecture and building", "Motor vehicles, ships and flying machines", "A laboratory assistant", "Food and drinks production".

The positive trends of the professional education and training system of the Municipality are the following:

  • Keeping student and their parents interest in the professional training for a long time.
  • Raising additional funds for improving the material and technical equipment of the education mainly by working on projects, financed by the European Union programmes.
  • Extending contacts with specialists, increasing the number of private companies participation that provides conditions for training and production routines.
  • Improving the professional preparation quality with an accent on students practical training.
  • An intensive computer training and computer technology working.
  • Enlarging the range of contacts between the different schools on the territory of the municipality for a complete utilization of the existing facilities.

The professional secondary schools, the vocational schools, the professional classes at secondary schools, the secondary schools and the specialized schools offer specialties and professions that raise the public interest which is connected to the future realization. These specialties also offer a very good material and technical equipment.

These schools have provided the necessary conditions material facilities and teachers, for a contemporary education and practical training of the students. I rely on the Regional craft chamber, companies, etc. to support the future development of the professional education and training in Sliven Municipality.


Professional training centre to the "Regional economic development centr" foundation Sliven:

Main office and management address:

8800 Sliven

Sliven Municipality

Address: 3-A "Dimitar Pehlivanov" street

Tel.: +359 44/623747; +359 44/624233

Fax: +359 44/624285

e-mail address: redc_training@sliven.net

Web site: www.redc.sliven.net

To contact us look for Nikolay Sidjimov

Professional training centre to "Open Society Fund" Sliven:

Main office and management address:

8800 Sliven

Municipality: Sliven

Address: 3 "Slavianska" street, p.c. 135

Tel.: +359 44/625235

e-mail: osc@slivenbg.net

To contact us look for Yani Bletcov

Business centre Sliven is a part of the professional training centre of the "National business development system" Sofia

Main office and management address:

8800 Sliven

Sliven Municipality

17 "Tsar Osvoboditel" street

Tel.: +359 44/622653

e-mail: bcsliven@bcsliven.org

Website: www.bcsliven.org

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