Mental backward people protected house

Sliven, 17 Bitolia street; tel.: +359 44/62 26 94


The Mental Backward People Protected house is an alternative form of social services in the municipality. The users of the social service are people with a small or a moderate degree of mental backwardness who have spent most of their life at specialized institutions but still have a real chance for social integration.

A project called "Protected house", financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Politics namely "Social Assistance" fond, started in April 2004. The purpose of the project was to create and bring an active model of the mental backward people protected house. Repairing and furnishing the real estate private municipal property, given to the Mental Backward People Protected House, were made as a part of the project. Individual future social service user estimations were made by taking into consideration the opportunities for socialization and self-dependent life in the municipality. Six mental backward women from Mental Backward Adult Centre - Kachulka were chosen and prepared to let them out by accomplishing the Preparatory programme as well as the Adaptation programme as a part of the specialized institution /The Mental Backward People Protected house/.

In October 2004 the first Bulgarian Mental Backward People Protected house was opened in Sliven with 482 / 07.10.2004 decree of the Social Agency executive director. Establishing the Mental Backward People Protected house in Sliven is connected to the national politics of social assistance which help the social integration of mental backward people.

The Mental Backward People Protected house - Sliven creates intermediate transition conditions between the specialized institution and our society. Its on the base of "Life in a small group" model and it includes six users of the social service. Creating a social atmosphere close to the family atmosphere and assistance, mutual aid and mental backward people education conditions, help realizing peoples personal potential, making long - lasting social skills and working habits and create interesting and independent life.

The period of stay at the protected house depends on the individual abilities and needs of the service users. The staff of the Mental Backward People Protected house consists of three people and there is also a night security for the effective protection of the users.

The final purpose of the programme, realized by the Mental Backward People Protected houses team is forming self - dependent and valuable skills, an effective participation in social life, making friends and partners who can support you. The programme gives also a working realization for the mental backward people that depends on their abilities and raises social service quality the people are presented with.

The mental backward peoples social integration is connected to the accomplishment of many interesting activities at the protected house as well as out of it. The team has looked for cooperation with non - governmental organizations that are interested in the problem of providing a complex and complete care of the service users. Contacts between the Bulgarian Red Cross volunteering structures and the Youth House have been established and the "Hand work" project which gives an alternative work employment to the mental backward people, living at the protected house, was approved.

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