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Priority projects (new investments)


Objectives: To further develop the Counseling Center for People with Disabilities; to improve the quality of life through coping with the challenges of the labor market through orientation and guidance motivation and development of professional and organizational skills; to improve and develop the management of the Counseling center; to improve skills for case management.

Results: 300 persons with physical, sensorial, mental disabilities and general diseases will receive psychosocial, vocational consultations and/ or information. 20 families of young people with disabilities will receive family and vocational counseling;

Lead organization: Center for Professional Development - Sofia

Partner: Municipality of Sliven

Project budget: 23 721 BGN

Donor: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Social Assistance Fund


Objectives: to provide opportunities for social inclusion of the roma community through provision of social and legal consultations and information services; to overcome the social isolation; to provide training social mediators.

Results: 2 roma social mediators trained and qualified to provide consultations; over 5000 consultations provided; 3 campaigns conducted to monitor and assess the specific needs of the roma community; staff trained; 3 anti-stigma campaigns conduced.

Initiator: "Stote voevodi" foundation

Partners: Municipality of Sliven, Center for professional development - Sofia

Project budget: 34 100 BGN

Donor: Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Social Assistance Fund

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