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Sliven, 26 Nikola Mihailovski street, tel.: +359 44/62 33 87


of the offered social services of the Home Social Patronage - Sliven

The Home Social Patronage is a complex of social services that are offered in the municipality - in centres for elderly and disabled people. The Home Social Patronage in Sliven was established in 1974 with a capacity for thirty people. Up to now the capacity has grown up to 500 places and there are branches in ten villages of the municipality.

The mission of the Home Social Patronage is to engage the community with adult and disabled people and help them feel the natural family atmosphere by:

  • Giving them food - warm and dietetic food is offered every day according to four basic diets: for gastro - enteric diseases, heart diseases, diabetes and a common diet, according to the elderly peoples rational nutrition needs;
  • Helping with communicating and social contact keeping;
  • Supporting and extending the opportunities of the social services users for having a self-dependent way of life;
  • Cultural event organizing, personal holiday celebrating, picnic and excursion planning;
  • Social, health and other institutions interaction;
  • Cooperation for supplying adult and disabled people with the necessary means of existence;
  • Keeping personal hygiene as well as hygiene in the rooms where the people are accommodated;
  • Living standard services - buying goods and objects of common use; electricity and thermal energy payment, telephone payment, etc.
  • Personal and household linen washing and organizing carpet, blanket and fleecy rug washing in the summer;
  • Small residential and daily technical repairing.

The above mentioned social services, offered by the Home Social Patronage, have satisfied the daily living necessities of the adult and disabled people. The survival becomes useless if the social work is not subordinate to the human factor, the peoples intellectual necessities and their social realization.

Sliven, 26 Nikola Mihailovski street; tel.: +359 44/66 33 87


of the offered social services of the Elderly People Daily Centre - Sliven

Communication is one of the most important necessities for a person and he/she has been looking for it ever since the day he/she was born till the end of his/her life. Thats why the Ministry of Labour and Social Politics has social service institutions such as the Elderly People daily centre on the territory of the municipality. The Daily Centre is a complex of social services which create conditions for a complete users service during the day, supplying with food, satisfying the daily, health and rehabilitation necessities as well as the necessities of the leisure and personal contacts organization.

The elderly people daily centre in Sliven was established in 1995 with a thirty-people capacity. The main purpose the social workers have is support the bond between the elderly people and micro and macro surrounding environment. This helps elderly peoples mental and physical status stabilization so there has to be compensating, relevant details at the Daily Centre life which would support the main purpose of the social work at the centre.

All events connected to the social work are subordinate to:

  • Restoring elderly peoples integration opportunities among other people and all social systems;
  • Quickening elderly mans interest to collective life and adaptation
  • Maximum intellectual necessities satisfaction
  • Stabilizing psychical equilibrium
  • Physical status improvement
  • Taking back the elderly peoples interest toward their hobbies if theyve had any as well as their interest toward Bulgarian customs and traditions.

Enlarging the communication mechanism, stabilizing the intellectual - psychological status of the people in the Daily Centre, by their social participation and their relation to the other people we help them acquire a good personal characteristic which guarantees a complete self - confident life of the elderly people.

Additional information:

Evelina Gandeva - Director, tel.: +359 44/62 33 87

-mail: evelinagandeva@abv.bg

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