Home for people with mental disabilities Kachulka - Sliven

Tel.: 044/622225; Tel./fax: 04551-28-68

The home for elderly women with mental disabilities is a specialized institution with delegated state activity, offering social services to mentally retarded people. It is opened under resolution 144/25.04.2002 of the deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Labour and Social Policy.

The home for elderly women with mental disabilities is a newly created infrastructure, which is as close as possible to the regulation of the European Union in offering social services to people with disabilities. Situated in a mountainous region, 28 km away from Sliven.

The full capacity of the institution is for 80 customers and the building has 26 apartments, 4 studios for therapy, medical service, a rehabilitation room, 2 dining rooms, 3 television halls, 2 entertainment rooms and an apartment for isolation of seriously ill patients.

The conditions of the home are in conformity with the regulations for offering social services, the location of the centre, the dining conditions, as well as the educational, health and informational conditions and services. Main priority of the staff is offering social services according to the needs of every patient in the centre. The individual approach towards the consumers of social services is the main principle of the activities organized in the centre. The specialized institution prepares the customers for integration and reintegration in the community through newly invented methods of work, based on estimation of the social needs of each person. The directions of the social activity are oriented to the future aiming to meet the demands of each person. The development of different forms of labour therapy, cultural therapy, music therapy, art therapy and socio therapy are oriented towards the reintegration and carrying the patients out of the institution, which is in total conformity with the new regulations of the social policy of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

Main priority of the home for elderly women with mental disabilities is to formulate the basic skills, related to the personal hygiene, care for the clothes, the maintenance of the premises, assistance of the personnel whenever dining or cleaning takes place, aiming to form labour skills, habits, and instructing in sequence and precision. The work in the differentiated groups leads to considerable increase of the demands and interest of the patients which result in the creation of sustainable characteristics of the personality. A considerable success in the self-confidence of the patients and desire for more efficient realization could be seen. Securing the rights of each of the customers is a basic principle of the work in the institution. An alternative service on the territory of Sliven Municipality appears to be the so called Sheltered home for people with intellectual difficulties with a capacity of 6 people. This kind of alternative service is maximum efficient for people with intellectual difficulties because it creates conditions for efficient security and social integration, as well as changes the attitudes of the patients in a positive direction. Thus the sustainability of the whole process of socialization of the people with intellectual difficulties is being guaranteed, as well as their reintegration in society.

All these activities contribute to a new positive attitude of society toward the mentally retarded people which engages everyone of us with the destiny of these people.

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