Social services complex


І. General information

"Social services complex" is a combination of services based in the community that aim at helping families and children at risk. The centre is divided in three units: Centre for public support, unit "Mother and baby", Centre for working with neglected children.

The center offers the following services:

1. Prevention

  • Family consulting
  • Family planning
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care
  • Prevention and support for children, victims of violence, abuse or neglecting
  • Section "Mother and baby"
  • Daily cares for disabled children
  • Centre for emergency help
  • Hot telephone line

2.Reintegration and work with children from specialized institutions for children

  • Training for self-dependent living and social integration
  • Deinstitutionalization and reintegration

3. Adoptive care and adoption

  • Information campaigns, training for adoptive parents according to a programme approved by the Ministry of labour and social policy and support after the child’s accommodation.
  • Information campaigns, training of candidate-adoptive parents and support in the post adoptive period

4. Prevention of deviating behaviour of children and work with children with deviating behaviour.

  • Outclass activities for children with deviating behaviour.
  • Educational programmes for the rights and obligations and the sanctions for their breaching.
  • Educational programmes for the dangers and the consequences of using drugs and alcohol, smoking, traffic of people, sexual exploitation, information on the issues of violence and neglect.
  • Consulting and support for children with deviating behaviour and their families.

5. Prevention of dropping out of school and support for homeless children

  • Daily cares
  • Diurnal asylums

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